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True conservatives, the heartless ideological sort, are mistakenly attacking the Special Counsel.

They can make their wildest dreams come true, if they ignore the dyspeptic Mr. Trump and force Mueller to go much farther than he wants to go.

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We have entered a world we did not envision.

Gangsters endanger those who enforce laws, mobsters take over governments, and criminals take away the pensions of those who investigate them.

Pac-Man tactics have become a way of life.

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As with other tragedies, victims speak out, some with specific safety proposals. As with other tragedies, anonymous internet trolls ignore proposals and attack victims themselves, joined by a few public figures.

But this time, something is different.

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Each clumsy firing was a joke, an example of ghastly humor, an exercise in executive cowardice.

The chaos, the anxiety, the tension have become too familiar.

The pattern is no longer funny.

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Political advocates have always twisted facts, tossed in irrelevant prejudices to muddy rhetorical waters.

But now some on the right go way past that, inventing alternate facts out of thin air.

One nationally known personality becomes a case study.

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As we watched a campaign witness go to pieces on national television, I was reminded of the most pitiful member of French aristocracy ever to face the guillotine.

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Few individuals are offered an unexpected opportunity to overcome danger while saving lives. Fewer still discover enough courage hidden within to perform well in the face of danger. President Trump surprised us with his own demonstration of character.

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There was a reason the FBI did nothing about organized crime before 1957, or about civil rights murders in 1955.

It is the same reason they would have ignored warnings about the coming high school tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

They had no choice.

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It is especially tragic when someone who accepts danger in order to protect the rest of us, a law enforcement officer, is killed.

How must we react when that death is used to attack an ethnic group?

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It will be an epic economic irony if our Democratic Republic, and our freedoms, are saved by the policies that have driven Kansas into the ground.


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